Here are the top ten reasons your city or town should include Municipal Voice’s PIO Package in the budget:

No. 10: A solid PIO program demonstrates your commitment to full citizen engagement.
No. 9: You and your staff can communicate more easily with residents.
No. 8: Your city gets a fully-functioning PIO at a fraction of the cost.
No. 7: Budgeting decisions are more readily accepted because of greater clarity.
No. 6: Recreation, cultural and special programs enjoy greater participation levels.
No. 5: Your local newspaper editor will thank you for lightening his or her workload.
No. 4: Employees will feel a greater connection to the organization because of the monthly newsletter.
No. 3: The town will be seen as a social media trailblazer.
No. 2: Residents deserve it.

And the number one reason you should include Municipal Voice’s PIO Package in your budget:
An active and effective communication program is part of your charter!

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